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Kick Ass Paddle


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Ready for some kick ass ball busting fun…  Our new Kick Ass Paddle has a variety of different uses.  Wanna kick some ass – whack them with the boot heel side of the paddle and leave a nice impression.  Flip the paddle over to the back side and you have a smooth aluminum surface perfect for giving a good spanking.  Wanna do some ball busting?  Take either side and come up from below to have a ball busting time!  The Kick Ass Paddle is CNC machined from solid aerospace grade aluminum and features an inlaid real boot heal.  The paddle is polished to a brushed satin finish.  Overall length of the paddle is 11 1/2″.

Get ready to kick some serious ass with our new Kick Ass Paddle.  We designed our new paddle to be used in a variety of ways.